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Bund Lining Materials Technologies

Protective bund lining systems based on modern resin technologies can provide an extremely cost effective and durable solution for all types of bunds and primary or secondary containment areas in factories and process areas. These can be used to protect concrete and masonry bund and containment structures with protective sealing and protection requirements in almost all types of industrial and commercial facilities and building.

However it is critically important for the performance and durability of a bund that the right type of protective lining system is selected for each project. Therefore on this independent specialist Bund Lining website we have prepared pages with details on the application and performance characteristics of all of the typically available Bund Lining materials. You can review this information as a whole or go directly to information and details on the specific type of Bund Lining material that you are interested in for your project.


If you still have any questions or are uncertain of the best way to proceed, then please do not hesitate to call any of our offices (the telephone numbers are on the left of this page) and one of our specialists will be happy to advise and assist you in obtaining the right containment area protection system or bund lining solution for your project.

The Different Types of Bund Lining Materials

Bund Lining Materials began to be provided some years ago at their simplest and cheapest level with bitumen based paint products.

Bitumen based products were therefore the traditional option for bund and waste water tank linings, but whilst relatively cheap and easy to use, they also have inherent disadvantages. This includes softening at higher temperatures and embrittlement at lower temperatures, plus degradation in UV light and a general lack of resistance to other hydrocarbon based materials such as fuels, oils and industrial solvents for example. The combination of these disadvantages or weaknesses makes them out dated in most situations and so today they are not normally recommended for bund and containment area linings by NCC’s protective coating and bund lining specialists.

Protective coating systems based on modern synthetic resin technologies are now the most common Bund Lining materials used in the UK and around the developed world. The difficulty is that there are now so many different types of resin and then very different types of products with different application characteristics and performance properties can be formulated with each generic resin. However there are some general characteristics and guidelines that we can apply from experience, without everybody requiring a PhD in organic chemistry and ignoring the frequently misguided bias, generalisations and half-truths based on hearsay and the like that you will undoubtedly get from some so-called specialist contractors and materials manufacturers – there are far to many big wors and opportunities for mixing them up in this area of the construction business!!!


Here you can go directly to the specific aspect of Bund Lining Materials, or the Resin Technology that you are interested in from the pages from left to review information on all of the different aspects of bund lining system build-ups and resin and / or fabric technologies and systems, using all of these different types of synthetic resin based bund lining materials.

If you need any specific advice or assistance on your particular project, then please call any of our offices and one of our protective bund lining experts will be pleased to help you